We are dedicated to providing expert business technology management services and offer unparalleled independence.
Our focus is to understand your business, apply our knowledge, experience and relationships to ensure the most efficient alignment between technology and your business objectives.
The organizations with which we work are highly diverse in size and business focus.

Expertise, when and where you need it.

Technology implementation and management in organizations involve a spectrum of challenges, from initial integration to long-term sustainability. These include managing tight deadlines and high upfront costs, integrating new technology with existing systems, developing and adapting processes, and training and engaging staff.
Blue Mensa advocates for organizations, with a focus on business, offering specialized expertise for timely integration, cost-effective strategies, and aligning technology with business objectives.

Immediate impact, lasting results!

Blue Mensa hits the ground running, rapidly aligning with your team to drive progress from day one.

Not Our First Rodeo

From the early dot com days to countless client engagements to master-level expertise on technology solutions, Compass Left has the experience and the depth to profoundly improve your business.

System Agnostic

Our commitment is exclusively to delivering tailored solutions that achieve our clients' business objectives and yield beneficial results. We maintain our independence and objectivity by not engaging in the sale of hardware or software, nor do we benefit from referral fees from resellers.

Practical Answers

The truth may be that you don't need an expensive and long-term engagement. Rather you might just need to get up-to-speed on you current technology. Blue Mensa works with our clients in the way they need us to.

An Action Plan

Not just a plan for implementation of new technology. A plan that takes you into the future without us. As technology change-makers we help refine your processes, educate your team and point your biz-tech in the right direction long-term.


Business First Focus

Offering executive-level expertise, at Blue Mensa we engage across all business dimensions, from HR to finance and operations, to ensure technology serves as a backbone for your strategic objectives.

How we work

People, Processes, Systems, Time and Budget


Gather Information
Collect relevant data and gain a clear understanding of the existing situation. This includes clarifying the organization’s goals and identifying the challenges faced.


Develop Requirements
Requirements must be structured to be clear, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-oriented, providing a strategic path forward that aligns with the established objectives and directly addresses the known challenges.


Identifying a Solution
The chosen solution should fulfill the requirements while optimizing resource use and meeting time constraints, ensuring it drives the business towards its objectives effectively.


An implementation plan is developed and executed through a structured rollout that may include pilot testing, training, and communication strategies to ensure buy-in and minimize disruption.


Evaluation and Continuous Improvement
Integrating review checkpoints and performance metrics during implementation will lay the groundwork for continuous post-implementation assessment and adaptation, ensuring long-term process improvement.


Strategic alignment and efficiency in operations, a smooth implementation and staff adoption of new systems or processes, positioning the organization for ongoing growth and success.

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Start with Clarity – Define, Then Design

Blue Mensa focuses on understanding your current processes and crafting requirements that ensure any new solution seamlessly drives your business forward, not just with advanced features, but with meaningful results. In any case, we would love to speak with you about it. Call us or fill out the contact form and we can do just that.