Business Technology Alignment

Incompatible legacy systems, overemphasis on feature sets, and overly complex system design are some of the reasons organizations experience business-technology misalignment.

Implementing business-technology alignment involves ensuring that your organization’s technology strategy and IT initiatives are closely aligned with your overall business goals and objectives. Here are some steps that we take to help you achieve this alignment.

Establish Business Goals

With the help of your business leadership we establish your business goals but short-term and long-term. And then we set up a team (or single representative) with whom we work during the alignment.

Prioritize Projects

We study the impact of changing systems to determine the order of the adjustments. Then we build a roadmap that outlines the sequence and timing of IT initiatives. And we match that plan with your budget.

It's Time for KPI's

Together we establish key performance indicators and metrics to monitor the progress and success of our implementation work. And then we adapt and adjust.

Vendors and Training

With he help of our vendors we train your team, look for risks that need mitigation and establish conduits for employee feedback on the new program.

Our Work is Collaborative

Blue Mensa has implemented hundreds of systems over the years.

Business-technology alignment is an ongoing process that requires dedication and collaboration from both the business and IT sides of the organization. It’s not a one-time task but rather a continuous effort to ensure that technology is a strategic enabler of business success.

You don't need to be the masters of all.

Blue Mensa helps manage critical integration and separation components to ensure a smooth transition and maximize success.