Interim CIO

We are able to step into your organization during a transitional period to keep your business moving forward. As the interim CIO we take full charge of your IT infrastructure. We provide leadership for the IT department and the organization as a whole. We ensure that the IT team continues to function efficiently and aligns with your company’s strategic goals during the interim period. Here are the primary responsibilities and functions of a Compass Left Interim CIO.

Strategic Guidance: We offer strategic guidance and make decisions related to IT initiatives, projects, and investments. We help the organization make informed choices that align with its business objectives.

Project Management: Our Blue Mensa Interim CIO oversees ongoing IT projects and initiatives, ensuring they stay on track, meet deadlines, and deliver the expected results. We may also initiate new projects or prioritize existing ones.

Budget Management: With our deep level of experience we can manage the IT budget, making sure that resources are allocated appropriately and that the organization gets value for its investments in technology.

Vendor and Stakeholder Management: We will maintain relationships with IT vendors, ensuring that services and products are delivered as expected. Blue Mensa will also communicate with key stakeholders to provide updates and address concerns.

Risk Management: We identify and mitigate IT-related risks to ensure data security, compliance, and business continuity.

Team Management: We oversee the IT team, ensuring that staff members are working effectively and supporting the organization’s goals.

Knowledge Transfer: In some cases, a Blue Mensa Interim CIO may work to transfer knowledge to the incoming permanent CIO or the existing IT leadership team.

Technology Assessment: We assess the current IT infrastructure and systems, making recommendations for improvements and enhancements.

Recruitment: In situations where a permanent CIO is being sought, our Interim CIO may assist in the recruitment process, helping to define the qualifications and attributes needed in the new CIO.

Interim CIO services provide organizations that need immediate leadership and expertise in its IT department due to circumstances such as the departure of the previous CIO, a strategic shift, or a period of transition. The role is temporary and ensures continuity until a permanent CIO is appointed.


Blue Mensa, headquartered in the New York area, is a professional Information Technology Consulting Services company dedicated to enhancing customer success and operational efficiency. Our services support the full spectrum of technology systems and platforms for small and medium-sized enterprise businesses. We follow a consultative approach, which involves requirements gathering, assessments, solution design, planning, project management, engineering, adoption, and evolution (training) services to comprehensively support an organization’s IT needs.
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