ERP Selection

Enterprise Resource Planning. So much riding on those three words.

Quick supplier-based decisions on an ERP for your company can be devastating to your success. We’re not trying to over-dramatize when we say that companies can fail because of a misapplied ERP.

This is not going to be your case… with a little help from Compass Left.

While we may be software agnostic, we will have a strong fact-based recommendation for you on what system you should use… based on 20 years of work in this space. Some of the criteria we use to evaluate your needs are below.

Define Your Business Needs and Goals

Our work starts by Identifying your business objectives and ascertaining what you hope to achieve with an ERP system. Further, with the help of your key stakeholders, we must understand your industry-specific requirements and compliance regulations.

Your Budget and Existing Resources

What are the costs for software, implementation, training, and ongoing maintenance? Does your organization have the necessary human and technological resources? Should we pursue a cloud-based (SaaS) solution or build out an on-site system?

Software Shortlist

Compass Left creates a list of potential ERP vendors based on our extensive work with most systems. We build a list of features and functionalities you need from an ERP system. And we ensure these align with the ultimate software recommendation and that the solution can scale as you grow.

Support | Training

There will certainly be a level of work with the vendor to educate your team. We evaluate the quality of vendor training programs knowing that Compass Left will play a primary role in the implementation. You'll need help during system onboarding and afterward.

Bringing it Home

You hire Compass Left to make this transition straightforward with as little disruption as possible.

We make sure the final solution delivers data security and compliance (in highly regulated industries). We demo and test the program and do a full Total Cost of Ownership and ROI analysis. We even negotiate the best deal for your team with the vendor.

This is a long-term commitment for your company. Again three simple words: Enterprise Resource Planning. Words that will be crucial to your success. Don’t leap in headfirst without the meticulous work that Compass Left can provide to your group.

Let us improve your business!

ERP Selection… one of our specialties. Additionally, we provide Fractional CIO, Business Technology Alignment, and HR Solutions.