Infrastructure and Cloud

The approach to on-premises infrastructure design and management has shifted considerably, as organizations pivot to take advantage of cloud-based technologies. Organizations must carefully consider and balance the many advantages and challenges cloud technologies offer.  Blue Mensa assists organizations navigate the complexities of infrastructure design and management.

IT Infrastructure


Infrastructure design that combines on-premises and cloud services that seamlessly integrates with cloud services, enabling data and workload mobility. Many legacy systems require significant effort to integrate with cloud services.


Entrusting sensitive data to a third-party provider raises concerns about data security and privacy. Organizations must implement strong access controls and encryption measures. In addition, regulatory compliance, data residency requirements, and legal considerations can complicate cloud adoption, particularly for industries with strict compliance requirements (e.g., healthcare and finance).


Balancing the advantages a specific cloud provider offers without becoming too dependent and ensuring how data will be migrated upon disengagement are two issues often overlooked by many organizations.


Cloud providers offer built-in redundancy and disaster recovery options, ensuring data is backed up and available. However, just ‘being in the cloud’ does not intrinsically mean your organization has a proper business continuity posture.


Maintaining proper control of cloud-based systems and data is a challenge for many organizations. Proper understanding and planning is critical to ensure executives and key stakeholders understand the required policy changes, as well as the limitations posed when moving to or integrating with cloud systems.


Cloud computing eliminates the need for organizations to invest in and maintain expensive on-premises hardware. They can benefit from a pay-as-you-go model, which can result in significant cost savings. However, without proper cost monitoring and optimization, cloud spending can spiral out of control. Organizations need effective cost-management strategies to prevent unexpected bills.

Compass Left provides expertise, experience, and industry best practices to guide your organization in making informed decisions, optimizing technology investments, and ensuring that your technology infrastructures align with their business objectives.

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