Field Service Management

Field service management (FSM) software plays a pivotal role in helping organizations effectively manage their mobile workforce. It strategically coordinates the placement, availability, and skills of field-based employees who provide on-site services, encompassing a range of activities such as equipment maintenance, cleaning, repairs, moving, and more. The level of technical expertise required can span from knowledge of cleaning methods to offering support for computer hardware or even maintaining complex infrastructures like a city’s electrical grid.

Managers and supervisors employ FSM software to streamline scheduling, task assignment, route planning, resource allocation, and work instructions for their field staff. Field workers, in turn, utilize the FSM software to provide real-time updates on their progress, task completion, arrival and departure times, and receive technical support for any unforeseen challenges encountered during their assignments.

Field service management software typically integrates with other software solutions, including Geographic Information System (GIS) software for location tracking, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software for customer information, and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) or design software for technical specifications and maintenance instructions.

To be considered for inclusion in the Field Service Management (FSM) category, a product must offer features for dispatching workers based on job type, availability, and customer locations, aid managers in prioritizing fieldwork and resource optimization, provide field workers with task details and guidance, and offer dashboards and analytics for managers to monitor ongoing field activities and worker performance.

Product Lifecycle Management

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